Gucci Mane of VA – [Young Crazy]

See why Young Crazy claims his title as the Gucci Mane of VA, with his brand new EP that was released just last week.

One of my favorite parts about being a music writer is following the careers of those you’ve written about in the past, which is exactly the case with Virginia star Young Crazy. I first wrote about his single “Suburban Kid,” a fiery, catchy track that had both his streaming numbers, and his home state jumping. Recently, he was able to regain 100% of his mastered tracks, allowing him to bless his fanbase with a surprise “greatest hits” LP Who TF is Crazo Damn, which only generated a bigger buzz around his name prior to the release of this latest tape Gucci Mane of VA. 

The tape starts with paying homage to Gucci through a beautiful beat by Moye & The Beatman, showcasing Young Crazy’s talent and providing a retro 2000s feel that represents Gucci’s style. “BLIT” and “Suburban Kid” are singles that are already hot in the DMV and add solidified status to the project, and “Bombaclat” is a brand new joint that looks to have the surrounding club scene in its grip. “On the Radar Freestyle” is the final song, which was a freestyle hosted by Gabe P on Power 105.1, that’s incredibly impressive and portrays the raw abilities Young Crazy possesses.

An innovator and a trailblazer, Young Crazy continues looking to put his area and the people within it on the map, just another connecting link to what Gucci did for his city, too. He promises more work in the near future, but as listeners wait, Gucci Mane of VA will surely keep his fanbase more than content.

Tap in below!