There is no denying the unprecedented amount of talent that has emerged from Florida over the past couple of years. The state itself has become synonymous with a certain sound but today I am very excited to share a newer artist that helps reinforce The Sunshine State’s evolution as a musically diverse hub. His name is Baby Bari and his most recent four-track EP, Grudge, is an impressive display of alternative hip hop experimentation. 

Baby Bari’s latest EP, which runs a total of 12-minutes, is his first by all accounts. Despite the short-lived showcasing, Bari manages to display an impressive amount of chops as an artist by blending the grittier elements of hip hop with the softer shimmer of lo-fi pop. Song’s like the EP’s opener, “Kill la Kill” relishes in a Neptunes-type beat that is both seductive and ominous, an impactful combination that helps reinforce the darker electronic vocal style Bari wields on the opener. Bari exchanges the electrifying bass of the EP’s opener for the grunge-style production and delivery of “You Know I’m No Good” while simultaneously priming listeners for the more gentle, dreamy guitar-led sentiments of “Choke.” The project closes with “Untitled,” an acoustic ballad that has Bari serenading listeners as he articulates his free-flowing thought. Baby Bari is just getting started and has certainly captured my attention as an artist with tremendous potential.

Check out the new Grudge EP by Baby Bari below.