Green Hearts for Sale 2 – [Hardaway1k]

Despite being behind bars Knoxville, Tennessee rapper Hardaway1k is back with an emotional new project Green Hearts For Sale where he pours his heart out, lamenting lost friends, family members, and lost loves, turning his pain into beauty song by song. Hardaway was a model of consistency for some time and alongside his close friend Yung Honcho were poised to put the city on and be the first two artists to make it if you will from the area but a sad twist of fate sent both of them behind bars but obviously is now slowing either one of them down as Honcho is back outside in the free world and is well on his way to earning his fanbase back and Hardaway is sitting on enough music to drop projects while being held down. Hardaway’s vocal performance on this mixtape is better than any he has delivered in his already prolfiic young career and expresses his pain both through his booming and melodic vocals as well as his genuine lyricism coupled with subtle wordplay and I can only imagine how good and his music is going to be once he is home with all of the time he has to write now. There are two features on Green Hearts for Sale 2, both coming from East Tennessee artists with Yung Honcho on the anguished track “Ain’t Right” where the two go back and forth unveiling their heartache and again with Chattanooga’s Slatt Zy on the DrumDummie produced outro “Get Over Me” which is more upbeat and triumphant despite continuing the theme of heartbreak throughout. Keep your head up Hardaway, we all hope you come home soon.