Greatest Hits – [Boski]

The eclectic style of Boski returns on the release of his new ten-track compilation album, Greatest Hits. The Tennessee based artist creates a carefree brand of music that sonically can flow in between addictive lo-fi drums, alternative striking guitar progressions, and stripped back vocals delivered at a throttled pace. The ultimate result of this medley of sound is Boski; honest and true.

His new album, Greatest Hits, plays very much like a greatest hits album would sound; it peaks at moments with reckless rap adjacent lyricism towards past lovers and financial frustrations while simultaneously addressing the more sorrowful subject matter. Songs like “All The Time,” “Your Loss,” and “When It’S Raining,” all relish in a more slowed down approach while expressing utter heartbreak. Although the project finds itself in an indie lo-fi world at times it also successfully creates a breezy brand of hip hop with songs like, “Run A Switch” and “No Drama.” Boski’s ability to weave in and out of genres seamlessly is as impressive as these song’s ability to live and breathe on the same project. In a matter of 25-minutes, over ten tracks, Boski plugs listeners into a varied world of sonic catharsis. The Tennessee native’s new album, Greatest Hits, personifies continuity, and the sheer fact that the project was produced, written, and recorded by Boski further solidifies our growing fascination with the up-and-coming artist. 

Listen to Greatest Hits by Boski below.