Grand Piano / 44 – [First Class Bee]

Chicago-artist First Class Bee has made quite a few appearances here on the Lyrical Lemonade platform across the span of about a year or so. Since discovering him, it seems as if he is elevating with each single and visual that he releases. Late 2020, Bee released his project Godspeed , which showcased more of his lyrical prowess, story-telling capabilities, and more narrative-driven raps. By far, one of my favorites on the project would be “Grand Piano”, and today, Bee is premiering a two-part visual for the song, as well as the following track on the album “44”.

In my opinion, making music is only part of the creation process. What comes next is figuring out how to market it to the world, and one of the best ways of doing that is to accompany it with an amazing visual piece. In the first half of the video for “Grand Piano”, Bee spits countless similies and metaphors over an amazingly chopped sample while wearing a sleek trench coat. The vibe of the visuals blends perfectly with the subject matter and the tone of the production here. As soon as the beat switched to the following track “44”, the entire vibe of the visual switched as well and it gives off more of a gutter and street vibe. What really set it off, was the 18 wheeler with the word “First” written on the side of it, which we all can assume why that’s there. First Class Bee was able to master the art of producing top-tier visuals with high-level bars to accompany it, and this is something that not many artists have mastered yet in their careers. To have this weapon in your belt is an amazing asset, and is one thing that I think will assure that he stands out amongst his peers and propel him further into the rap game.

Watch First Class Bee’s new visuals for “Grand Piano/44” below!