The biggest news of the week was, no doubt, the announcement of a new, posthumous album from Mac Miller. With Circles described by Mac’s family as a companion album to Swimming, set to drop on January 17th, the Miller family has released the visually-assisted, lead single “Good News.”

Much like the album announcement–or listening to anything from Mac for that matter– “Good News” is beautiful, but comes with a bittersweet, almost haunting feel. A cushioned, atmospheric backdrop, Mac’s natural approach, seamlessly weaving between crooning and rapping, sounds warm and honest; listening to him just sounds “right.” It’s incredible to hear him again, but still, between the visual–which feature a visualizer sandwiched between studio clips– and lines like “I’m running out of gas/hardly anything left hope I make it home from work,” the song has an inescapable shadow looming over it. It’s as beautiful as it is hard to listen to.

With everything that comes with it, the incredible music, the incredible emotions, Circles will no doubt be one of the more complex, albeit important albums we grapple with.