Good Ass Halal – [PNTHN]

With a majority of their growth occuring in the past year or so, it’s hard to say that many acts are on a path as promising as Texas’s own, PNTHN. Equipped with a remarkably skilled cast of characters — both on the mic and behind-the-scenes — PNTHN’s widespread appeal exists somewhere between the animated energy of “new school” artists and the masterful lyricism of “old school” artists, making for a sound enjoyable in some way, shape, or form to just about everybody who takes the time to listen. Today, the group is here to prove this with a new track by the name of “Good Ass Halal.”

Blending a mesmeric instrumental — and one of my favorites in recent memory, for that matter — with wiry, malleable flows, the latest from PNTHN perfectly bends from corner to corner without losing focus. Verse after verse, the lyrical performance here is something reminiscent of a dream team, as each artist follows up the last with an equal supply of energy and a unique style to match. The main bridge connecting it all together: the chorus which, as proved on my walk to work today, is one that will get stuck in your head upon first listen.

Needless to say, PNTHN hit the nail right on the head once again, and the result has to be my favorite offering of theirs to date (and yes, I do say that every time they release something new). Don’t just take my word for it, though — stream “Good Ass Halal” below!

Produced by Por Vida