Over the summer, Canadian artist G Body released a song that truly encapsulates a difficult journey during the warm months in a cold city. Repurposing the legendary hook on “Oochie Wally” and transforming it into an anthem for Toronto was enough to turn G Body into a local legend. With one hit under his belt and many eyes starting to look in his direction, the electrifying Canadian artist is ready to make his mark and bring his unique style of street rap to the international stage.

On his latest single “Gold Mine”, we see G Body bringing a much more laidback energy, effortlessly merging elements of the signature Toronto sound of hip-hop and UK Grime. G Body is able to bring up the intensity with a snarl to cap off some of his more sinister bars, utilizing the versatility of Grime beats to bring a completely different type of energy to the genre. Watch as this quickly rising artists continues his onslaught of energetic singles, don’t be surprised if he has a couple of hits ready to be released from the vault.

Listen to “Goldmine” on all platforms here!