Golden Eye – [Action Bronson]

Action Bronson is a man of many talents beyond just music, and he has to live one of the most interesting lives in the entire world. Whether he’s traveling around the world trying all type of cuisine, hitting the gym to lose over one hundred pounds and counting during quarantine, or crafting some of the most intriguing hits in the studio, you better believe that he’s going to put his own signature spice all over every single one of his endeavors. It’s because of his unique persona and unapologetic individuality that I’ve always been drawn to his music ever since his early mixtapes, and the fact that he continues to think outside of the box over and over again makes me truly appreciate his music, even more, every time he drops something new.

After dropping the extremely entertaining single “Latin Grammys” at the end of July, I couldn’t wait to see what else he had up his Carhartt sleeve, and I’m so excited to say that this brief pause has come to an end with the release of yet another single called “Golden Eye”. Produced by Budgie, this instrumental begins with a squeaky dolphin noise before tropical instruments, tranquil and mystifying synths, and island-like drums take your speakers by storm and transport you to Jamaica or at least someplace similar. As the beat begins to take shape, a vocal sample is chopped up in the background as Action offers some preliminary braggadocious bars and entertaining ad-libs that are never unexpected from the Queens rapper, but always much appreciated.

Going into his first verse, his demeanor comes off as if he’s calm, cool, and collected, not allowing himself to go too far off the rails in terms of enthusiasm. In terms of lyricism and rhyme schemes, however, he goes completely wild, switching up flows in ways that only a veteran could manage and gifting us with some of the most inventive lyrics in the entire music world, something that’s never a surprise but always grabs my attention and keeps me enthralled throughout every single record he releases.

The hook is a simple, quick four bars, but it does the perfect job of bridging both verses and allowing the listener some time to decompress after being lyrically assaulted for basically a minute straight, also giving them a moment to prepare themselves for what’s to come in the second verse. There are a few brief instrumental breakdowns throughout the second portion of the song, giving Bronson an excuse to change his cadence once again while also never even getting close to being offbeat or outside the rhythm of the track. When the lyrics end, sound effects begin to take over making you feel as if you’re on a boat as waves crash into each other and dolphins screech in the distance before finally bringing this song to an end.

Although Action has been on the scene for many years at this point, his artistry and creativity never fail to impress me. He brings an old school flair combined with individualistic instrumentals and even more inventive lyrics, and he has been doing this consistently for his entire career. I’m not sure if these words just naturally come to him or if he never sleeps because he’s always thinking of the next rhyme, but I won’t ask any questions as long as he never ceases to deliver on every record he drops. What’s even more exciting about this single is that it comes with the announcement of his next album which is going to be called Only for Dolphins, and it’s set to drop on the 25th of this month. Not only do the dolphin noises in this track make even more sense due to the title of the upcoming project, but it also gets me even more anticipative of what’s going to be in our hands in just a few short months. While we wait and see if any more singles or videos will drop before the album is upon us, make sure to check out Action Bronson’s brand-new song “Golden Eye”.