GODZILLA! – [Sxmpra]

Depending on what mood I’m in, I may tend to look for music that has a certain aesthetic over another, but that’s not uncommon for any music fan of any genre. When I’m in the mood to either go hard at the gym, pump myself up, or wake up before a long night out (like I’m sure tonight may very well be), I am on the hunt for something with a ton of energy, a quicker tempo, and an artist who can match or exceed the instrumental’s enthusiasm. When it comes to Sxmpra, I’m not completely tapped in, but I have heard a few of his songs as well as other records he was featured on, and I know that he is exactly the person I’m looking for when I’m in one of these moods.

He’s quite possibly the only New Zealand-born emcee that I know of, and the fact that he is making as much noise in this industry as he is certainly means that his style is much larger than life and it couldn’t be contained to his home country only. The song that was sent my way is called “GODZILLA!”, and it’s something that I simply couldn’t help but write about after listening and being blown away. Sxmpra is actually also the beat smith behind this lively instrumental, which is great because I almost feel like it’s unfair for any other producer to work with him because he’s just going to steal the show away from anyone he’s in the studio with without even trying.

The reason why I say this is ubiquitous when he begins to spit because his shrill, high-pitched spitfire lines are just spoken so rapidly that it’s impossible to say them without vitality, but Sxmpra’s personality isn’t lost either. I’m even more impressed at the fact that he is so articulate with his words, and no matter how quickly he is spitting or how often he changes his cadences, you can understand every single lyric coming out of his mouth. If you’re familiar with Ghostemane or Freddie Dredd, then Sxmpra is certainly someone you need to check out as soon as you can because you’ll be an immediate fan as soon as you hear the first bar come shooting out of his mouth, just like I was!