Godby Road – [LoLifeBlacc]

Atlanta’s music scene has been going through a transitional phase of sorts as many of the superstars of yesterday are phasing out into corporatized major label releases, representing the city well no doubt but removing their finger from the pulse of what is trendy at the moment. The last few years saw many new faces get introduced to the city and also saw their graduation into the realm of mainstream consciousness, but there is a strong underground scene bubbling now, full of new faces with the same ambitious mindsets as those who carried the torch before them. LoLifeBlacc has been at the forefront of the underground for nearly five years now, steadily releasing well arranged projects laced with motivational bars and hustle tactics and this consistency has him poised to take a major leap this year to ears far beyond Georgia. He came together with Nashville’s TanaFullyLoaded who has time and time again proven to be an indispensable identifier of new talent and subsequently has been instrumental in helping with the artist development of many of his peers at his young age. Their latest track “Godby Road” honors the treacherous stretch of Atlanta’s Southside that is one of the main hotspots for new musical talent and criminal activity in the city, despite Blacc being from the west side himself. Tana’s beat is jarring and industrial and of course has a major Detroit influence to it but still Blacc’s flow is very distinctly Atlantan. I am sure we will be getting a new project from LoLifeBlacc this year and I am very excited to hear it when it comes out.