Go Stupid- [Polo G] ft. [NLE Choppa] & [Stunna 4 Vegas]

If you haven’t heard of Polo G, NLE Choppa, or Stunna 4 Vegas by now, you need to catch up with the times immediately. Polo G has proved time and time again that age doesn’t matter when it comes to rapping, and he’s done this through songs and albums that have set the streets on fire. NLE and Stunna have both been coming up rapidly as well, and although I’m much more familiar with Choppa than I am with Stunna 4 Vegas, their latest offering proves just how talented they really are.

When it comes to their latest track “Go Stupid”, all three talents are on full display over a beat with heavy piano chords, almost overpowering bass, and a somewhat futuristic melody. Polo kicks off the song with his telltale drill-adjacent flow, talking about how he has nothing but new and improved music coming in the future. This is hard for me to fathom personally considering all of the already impeccable offerings he has already delivered. Stunna sort of yells his way through his verse, overlapping certain line to add layers and depth. NLE brings all the energy that we know he can as he discusses growing up in the hostile environment he had to deal with and continues to embrace even at this point in his career. His flow is very catchy as per usual, with very fast bars that would impress even the most experienced Rap fanatics.

This was an uncharacteristic collaboration from Polo G considering he usually sticks to testimonials and deep narratives while NLE and Stunna sometimes seem to just enjoy themselves in their music. I think it brought out a little lighter side of Polo while still staying true to his roots, and I think NLE and Stunna felt the need to step up because they know it can be tough to be remembered on a song that Polo G is on. Despite this, they really showed out and did an absolutely incredible job, and I’m very pleasantly surprised. “Go Stupid” is the great new track from Polo G featuring two of the brightest up and comers in the industry, so give it a listen as soon as you get the chance.

Words by Danny Adams