GNF – [Polo G]

It could be my bias, but I feel like Chicago doesn’t get the respect it deserves for the number of world-class talents that the city produces, especially in music. Over the last few years, one of the most exciting new acts in not only Chicago but in the world is Polo G. He has become one of my personal favorite artists which his back to back classic albums, the weight that his words carry in his music, and the impact that he has had in the city + beyond. Polo G is no stranger to Lyrical Lemonade, as he and Cole have shot a music video for “21” in the past, but tonight they are back with their new visual for “GNF”. This is one of the most hard-hitting records that Polo G has ever created in my opinion, and I feel as if a majority of his fan base will agree with that statement. Polo & Cole shot this video right here in Chicago, they did a great job and hopefully, we see them work again later in 2021. Watch this brand new music video below!

Photo by Jacksonvisuals