Girl Next Door – [SK8] Ft. [Wiz Khalifa]

Jake: How do you feel having the video and song out? What was the creative process behind making the song?

SK8: It feels great to have the video out, it a blessing in itself being able to drop music in this industry, the process of making it was more a Nostalgic feeling I wanted to bring back, with the punk-pop and the hip hop I wanted to Make something organic and still stay true to my own sound

Jake: How did you get sommer and scarlet in the video?

SK8: I met Sommer about 2 months ago at the notorious house at a party, and then my friend Alex (dvbbs) sorta set it up introduce me to scarlet and we all became good friends, super organically and they were both super down about doing the video and really rocking with the record so I felt like the energy was perfect

Jake: How is it working with wiz?

SK8: Working with wiz Is always an honor, I’m thankful to be in the presence of a legend all the time especially when it comes to making music, but now we’ve known each other for 3 years, he’s now someone I call my brother I know I can call him for anything & he knows he can do the same.

Jake: Have you ever seen the movie the girl next door?

SK8: Crazy part about the girl next door I always remember the movie being on at night when I was falling asleep, but I really tapped in when it released on Netflix, it was crazy the timing it was divine cause it came out literally 3 weeks before the video dropped, I also ending meeting the main actor in the movie Emile Hirsch the day before we shot the video at the space jam premiere event at six flags, so crazy how it all lined up

Jake: What was your favorite part about shooting the video/making the song?

SK8: I loved shooting the video with everyone, just creating a vibe and seeing it get put out for the world to see & hear, but I really love just making the music the most

Jake: Who were the skaters in the back?

SK8: Those are both my homies, it’s Jacob Denise and Alex Midler who is a pro skater & prolly one of the coldest in the game right now, y’all should go check him out he’s been going crazy lately

Jake: What’s next for you?

SK8: What’s next for me man? I’m bout to keep making music, making videos & after I put out this single & maybe 1 more feature and then gonna put out a 10 track album, then we hitting the road getting back on tour performing in every city, so y’all come catch me on the road we going up!