Getting To Know: V!NCE

Since his viral single “Manson,” it has been quite some time since V!NCE released music. The Southern California artist knew since he was 14 years old that he wanted to perform on the biggest stages in the world, and sing songs that would live on forever. Today, he returns with a new single titled “The Notebook” with help from Canadian singer/songwriter Goody Grace. The song begins with a verse by V!NCE where his lyrics express his dark, self-destructive, and concerning emotions about abandonment from a woman in his life. When the song moves to the chorus Chase Gardiner produces a blast of violins. This song marks V!NCE’s first release of his new acoustic sound.

“I took elements from musicians I was heavily inspired by at the time such as Lana del Rey & Nirvana.” V!NCE added.

Ahead of this new release, I had the chance to speak with V!NCE. Check out our interview below!

Lyrical Lemonade: When was the moment you knew you wanted to start taking music more seriously?

V!NCE: I knew where I wanted to go before I even released my first song. I spent all of my time, money and energy on producing songs with some of the worst equipment out there, when I was basically a little kid with no car. I was 14, fantasizing about performing on the biggest stages in the world, singing songs that would live on forever. The drive has never changed, only the creative direction.

Lyrical Lemonade: Would you say becoming an artist in the 21st century is difficult or easy? 

V!NCE: It’s definitely easy to become a musician in the 21st century. There are so many ways to get started, so many open doors, and plenty of influence/creative avenues to explore. However, for most, it isn’t easy at all to become an artist with longevity. We see so many artists come and go everyday, but we don’t see many of them last. Primarily due to poor image, or a lack of depth. Even with all the things making it possible for us to create, I feel like too many people reaching for the same stars oversaturate the skies.

Lyrical Lemonade: When you look back at your first song compared to the music you create now, what are some differences in your work?

V!NCE: Everything has changed. Getting older and having real life experiences, as everybody has in their adult life, changes the way you see the world. More importantly, it changes the way you see yourself. A youthful mind is usually blissful and ignorant; untainted by hardship, financial burden, or estranged relationships. I think my music has turned into something far more relatable.

Lyrical Lemonade: Who are some people who have helped you along this journey? 

V!NCE: Myles Reich & Chase Gardiner. Those are my brothers. Chase’s musical intuition has been invaluable to my process. Not only did he produce most of my music, but he also partially consults the creative direction of the songs as a whole. I write all my own music, but Chase advises me vocally, as well as frequently adjusting my cadence to experiment with new sounds. Myles oversees the majority of my overall creative direction. He directs most of my shoots, acting as a stylist and staging immersive settings.

Lyrical Lemonade: What was it like seeing the success of Your single “Manson”? What was your creative process behind this record ?

V!NCE: It was amazing! Hundreds of kids from my hometown were showing a ton of support for that song. A lot of people made Tik Toks, reposted it on their stories, and we always played it at all the parties. That was an awesome feeling because it felt like the city really had my back. The song really started picking up because of (of course) Tik Tok. Some of the more well known creators on the platform used my song as a sound. As a result, the reception of “Manson” was exactly how I’d always wanted it to turn out. I wanted people to just focus on having fun. When I made that song, I was in high school, and wanted everyone else to feel like they were in high school as well.

Lyrical Lemonade: How would you describe your sound right now? 

V!NCE: I think I sound better on my newest track than I’ve ever sounded thus far. Goody and I are very satisfied with the finished product. I’ve really been putting my heart into these recent songs, and I’m confident in my unreleased sounds as well. But I definitely don’t want to get lazy. There’s always room to grow. I’m still young, but based on what I’ve already released, I’d say I have great potential.

Lyrical Lemonade: What would you say separates you from any other up and coming artist? 

V!NCE: My music is constantly evolving. With that said, It’s hard to create that separation. But, my overall goal is to return some of the depth and complexity that musicians from the past brought to the table in their day. In today’s market, there’s a lack of values. I hope with my songs, I’m able to attack that deficiency in the overall music space.

Lyrical Lemonade: You have a new single out titled “The Notebook.” Why did you decide to recruit Goody Grace to help you with this record? 

V!NCE: I first met Goody at a random party at the Ritz back in 2019. He seemed like a genuine guy, so I decided to look him up and give his music a try. I’ve been a fan ever since. Goody puts a lot of heart into his music, and brings some of those values back to the table that I mentioned earlier. His music is written very well and his voice demonstrates genuine talent. Overall, Goody has substance, something real and intangible in an otherwise dull creative space.

Lyrical Lemonade: What was the inspiration behind this record?

V!NCE: It sounds naive, but I fell in love with a college girl. Neither of us were mature; quite simply we weren’t ready. When things had ended with us, I was just in a very dark place. I used the breakup as an excuse to lash out. I found easy pleasure in self destructive deflection, to kind of numb the pain. It was easier to lose my mind, falling in love with those things instead… That is what inspired the line “You left me in hell, but I made a few friends.”

Lyrical Lemonade: How was it like experimenting with your acoustic? Can we expect this sound moving forward?

V!NCE: Wholesome, acoustic melodies are some of my favorite sounds in the world. Producing a song in this way draws real emotion to the surface, and with “the Notebook”, I think this definitely rang true. Acoustics will never leave my arsenal, as they are widely regarded as a timeless sound.

Lyrical Lemonade: What can we expect from you in the future?

V!NCE: My newest creative direction seems like a far cry from prior releases like “Manson” or “Hotel Room”. I might be taking a hard step in a different direction, but moving forward I plan to write songs with deeper, more dramatic topics in an effort to elevate my reputation as not just a musician, but a writer as well.