Get Your Dose Of Big Venti Today, Listen To His Latest Album, “Party Hills”

Big Venti has finally graced us with new music and we are here for it. Party Hills from the LA artist, is the perfect album to get us hyped up and ready to take on anything that comes our way. 

When it comes to making music, Big Venti is all about style. His unique blend of double-time flows and mellow tones is unlike anything you have ever heard before. His clever wordplay is sure to put a smile on your face. Party Hills is a recognition of his influences, including Rick Ross, DaBaby, and Tyga. But make no mistake, Venti is a super-talented artist with a sound all his own. 

“I felt really good after recording the first track for my album, “Famous Neighbor.” I feel like I tapped into a new level of energy and creativity that I hadn’t experienced before. So, I decided to challenge myself to see if I could keep that same energy going by recording a new track every day for 10 days straight. That’s how Party Hills was born!” he exclaimed.

Party Hills has been making waves since its release. The album charted at number 4 on iTunes Top 100 Hip-Hop/Rap and number 41 on iTunes Top 100 All Genres, making it one of the most successful independent releases of the year. His upcoming collaboration with The Game is sure to get people talking. “Famous Neighbor” is a catchy track with a killer hook, and The Game’s remix is sure to take it to the next level. With Big Venti star on the rise, there’s no telling what he’ll do next.