Get It Quick – [Highway]

One of the hardest parts about writing about new artists is not really knowing much about them. Considering these talents are still early on in their careers, there typically aren’t many interviews or articles written about them, so information can be sparse, but if nothing else, this just adds to their allure considering it gives me the opportunity to learn about them through their music first and foremost instead of other people’s opinions and experiences with them.

Most recently, I was told about an artist who goes by the name of Highway, and even though I don’t have too much information with regards to him, I was blown away by the first song I heard, and I promise you it won’t be my last time tuning in whatsoever. It appears that Highway has been making moves in music for at least a few years, and after continuously progressing along in his career, it seems like he’s finally getting some moments in the spotlight that he seems to truly deserve.

After doing a little more digging, it appears that he is from Seattle, a city not necessarily known nationally for its music scene, but he’s making a strong case as to why that needs to change with his latest Xjay-produced song “Get It Quick” as well as the Damien Aku and Nicholas Buckwalter-directed music video that accompanies this single. Opening up, the director counts us down to the beginning before Highway turns down the hall in a massive mansion.

As he makes his way through this home in what seems to be a single shot, he links up with some homies, grabs a blunt, and consistently vibes out with the record. Throughout the entire visual, different camera angles and edits are used as his lyrics pop up and linger around him, providing some animated effects that fit in perfectly with this hit.

Eventually, he makes his way into the backyard where he walks all the way around an insanely large pool to the private tennis court, hopping on a skateboard and riding off into darkness to round things out. Although this is my first taste of Highway’s music, I was thoroughly impressed and can’t wait for more from the Seattle native, so if he’s someone you’re unfamiliar with as well, make sure to tune into his latest offering “Get It Quick” as soon as you can.