GERM – [David Shawty] ft. [Bby Goyard]

Although the subgenre name Hyper Pop is a relatively new term to me, I’ve been listening to artists who create this kind of music for quite some time now. Obviously, if you’ve paid any attention to my articles over the last year, you should already be aware that Bby Goyard is one of the best talents out, in my opinion, and he has not only introduced me to an entirely new world of music, but he’s also put me onto many other artists who are as unique as he is. David Shawty is one of those artists, and although he’s been growing quite a sizeable following over the past few years as well, I somehow was unfamiliar with him until just a few months ago.

I’m so beyond glad that I’m not missing out on David’s music anymore because it’s truly as hectic as it is individualistic. His vocals have so many unfamiliar filters and effects over it that you might think it’s a computer-automated voice when in all reality, it’s just one of the most inventive artists in the industry who is never afraid to push the limits and break through barriers. Seeing these two talents finally come together to collaborate on their song “Germ” just a few weeks ago was everything I had hoped it would be and more, but luckily, the fun doesn’t stop there.

I say this because they teamed up once again to shoot a music video for this hit, and the results are as insane as you might expect. Just looking at the title on YouTube, they included the fact that it’s a party movie rather than a music video, and their description fits the visual so much more than a typical video would. The lo-fi, on the run style that is used throughout truly does a magnificent job of elevating the hastiness of the record itself, transitioning from scene to scene rapidly along with the tempo of the record, giving off and additionally frenzied feeling even more than ever before.

1Certain scenes show the two artists inside a fairly minimalistic home where they partake in some illicit drugs and activities that probably shouldn’t be documented, but the camera blurs out certain parts of the screen at times as to avoid these things. Other settings take them outside in the dead of night, where either a singular light illuminates the scene, or the moonlight itself shines down on them from the pitch-black sky. It’s not surprising, but the use of so many different effects throughout definitely compliment the track perfectly, whether that’s animations, oversaturated lights, or interesting transitions.

Some of the animations include some germs or particles that float around in their vicinity, an animated green haze that exudes from the two artists or edited-in smoke that takes over the screen, along with various other effects that bring this visual to new levels. Aside from these things, the two talents’ individualistic personalities and even more captivating styles are on full display, never allowing for the quick and frenetic qualities of the video to take away from their very powerful and attention-grabbing energies.

After seeing clips of this music video being teased online for a couple of weeks, I was so excited to finally see it in its entirety, and I can say with the utmost certainty that it totally didn’t disappoint. Nothing about either of these artists is normal, but I mean that with the highest respect because if they were in fact normal rappers, I’m sure their music wouldn’t even come close to catching the attention of a fraction of the fans who listen to them because this abnormality is what makes their music so special. Although this came out a few days ago and it’s definitely not what you were expecting to see on a Monday afternoon, the music video for “GERM” by David Shawty featuring Bby Goyard is sure to be one of the most mind-blowing visuals you’ll see all day, so make sure you tune in as soon as possible.