Germ – [David Shawty] ft. [BBY GOYARD]

There are a few elusive and legendary people in the underground music scene that just make some of the most incredible and inventive music ever created, but their recognition level is just not what it deserves to be. David Shawty is one of these artists considering he’s literally making music that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before and every new offering seems to be wilder and more enthralling than ever before. If there’s one artist I think could work seamlessly with the underground icon, it’s undoubtedly BBY GOYARD who has been on a tear of his own for quite some time in the underground scene. He also makes some of the wildest, most uncharacteristically genre-bending tracks you’ve ever heard, and his dexterity is at an all-time high, like David, so the two were just destined to make a song together at some point or another.

Luckily, the day has finally come, and the two trendsetters finally got together for an insane new record entitled “Germ”. There is so much going on on so many different levels, but even through all of the chaos that is unfolding, the two artists manage to steal the show in such an unbelievable way. The beat, which is created by David with the help of Safeguard, begins with high-pitched synths and crisp claps that are leveled up with video game-sounding effects and noises. Just think of Mario collecting coins or something along those lines, and that’s pretty much the sounds that are being used. Eventually, extremely deep synths of some sort enter the scene and provide a bit of a menacing vibe before eventually, hard-hitting kick drums come into the picture and truly bring this song to new heights. Overall, the beat has heavy electronic influences without a doubt, and the robotic-sounding effects on the two talents’ vocals definitely back up this sound in the perfect fashion.

The reverberation on David’s voice makes it sound like he is echoing in your ears but the autotune and vocal filters he uses also give off a computerized, inhuman style that is just simply eye-catching and unlike anything you’ll hear in mainstream music. Even with all of the excitement and chaos, David’s demeanor comes off as if he is calm and carefree, never really elevating the level of vigor within his delivery. Getting into his verse, a tag line of sorts that says his name plays repeatedly as he makes his way throughout this portion. While this is happening, he diversifies his flow and strays away from the more regular, catchy cadence he uses in the hook in order to show off some quick and always witty bars.

BBY GOYARD comes in not too long after, and he is also introduced by a tagline that says his alter ego’s name, which longtime fans know is Lil Shannon. His first word is chopped up to give off a stuttering sound before he is set free and does his thing. Although he has many different styles that he rotates through in his plethora of different songs, he opts for his pitched-up singing style in this track, which I think was a smart move considering the electronic qualities in the beat pair perfectly with this delivery of his. At a certain point in his part, a filter takes over GOYARD’s vocals, and although this is supposed to make his voice less clear, it almost highlights the few lines that he says with this effect considering it switches his sound up and recaptures your attention if you somehow got distracted. Due to the fact that there is so much going on in your ears as soon as you press play on this hit, it can be hard to pick out each and every lyric that they spit. Regardless, the one-liners that you do pick out contain some of the most creatively impressive similes and wordplays in all of music, which isn’t a shock if you’re familiar with the cleverness that these two talents have delivered on a regular basis for years.

Once again, it was only a matter of time before these two artists got teamed up and dropped a song, and now that we have one, I selfishly want hundreds more. Sure, this isn’t a style or sound that you will find anywhere else in music, but that’s what is so special about it. There is no copying or imitation going on from either artist and they’re just unbelievably original. I get a very small Yung Lean vibe from David who has stated him as an influence in the past, but Lean also makes some of the most incredibly unique music in the entire industry, so there is nothing but originality coming from everyone in this circle. Considering both of these artists have avoided being boxed into a single category or subgenre throughout their variety of offerings in the past, you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s almost always guaranteed to be incredible. “Germ” is no different, and it’s just exciting that these two finally got together and made a hit, so be sure to stop whatever you’re doing and give it a spin.