Generation Nothing – [Damien Styles]

Damien Styles is an artist who is relatively new to my radar, but he’s a talent that I feel has unlimited potential which is definitely an exciting spectacle. Ever since I was put onto him a few months back, he signed with 10K Projects, making him another incredible addition to their roster that seemingly continues to get stronger and stronger by the day. Since he has drawn comparisons to Lil Peep, he is right up my alley considering Peep is still one of my favorite artists to this day, and even though Damien has some very individualistic qualities that differentiate him from the late, great star, I think this comparison is something that will get Peep fans excited for the future of Damien’s career.

Most recently, he decided to release a brand-new record entitled “Generation nothing” as well as an amazing music video that was directed by both himself and Thaddeus Swift, making it a one-two punch that you simply can’t miss out on. In the song, Damien combines his angsty, passionate delivery with a very hard-hitting, ambient instrumental that comes together for a record that you’re going to want to listen to on repeat for the foreseeable future.

In the music video, things open up in the nurse’s office at a school where he pops a pill and continues to go on about his day at this very eventful high school. While fights break out in the halls and students deal drugs to one another, Damien shows up at the window of a classroom that his love interest is in, signaling to her to come join him in the bathroom for some fun. Later on, he is dancing in class while doing an assignment, which pisses off his teacher who then throws a marker at him, making him get up and cause a riot, something that the rest of his classmates seamlessly partake in.

Finally, we get to the end of the year where he’s graduating, but instead of making this a joyous occasion, he causes additional anarchy as his classmates proceed to support his efforts once again. As things round out, you can see all of the students walking out of school and throwing their graduation caps in a garbage can which Damien then lights on fire as they walk off into the distance. With this song being no different, I have yet to hear a song from Damien that I didn’t love, and the music video for “Generation Nothing” is another remarkable addition to his continuously budding career, making it a song and music video that you need to watch as soon as you get a chance.