Gemini – [Flipphoneswhty] [Nerdcoke]

Recently I covered Alabama artist Jayboe who has been making a name for himself in his in many ways great but obviously out of touch state making plugg-music and other underground stylings and has grinded out a fanbase both in his area as well as all over the internet and another plugg artist who is doing the same thing is Clarksville, TN’s Flipphoneshwty who comes from a place that is lagging very far behind other areas in terms of cultural awareness, especially in music, but nonetheless has managed to make a name for himself in the underground in less than a year, teaming up mainly with CashCache recently who has personally been giving plugg a sort of revival and new more laid-back spin than usual and gotten many hip, and biting, in the process.

However today Flip is not assisted by Cash at all on his new EP Gemini with North Carolina producer NerdCoke who, alongside CashCache and fellow NC producer Dylvinci, have helped change plugg music from either a more explicitly trap sound, or poppy and lo-fi such as ‘pluggnb’ to a more dreamy and jazzy sound that still allows artists plenty of room to spaz with whatever flow or tone they choose to attack the intrumental with to the atmosphere of the beat that lends itself to a chill disposition with your rapping. Flipphoneshwty has gotten so much better as an artist in the less than a year that I have known him and watch him improve as a lyricist, a vocalist, and in terms of confidence to manipulate his voice with each release I have heard.

Nerdcoke received limited production support from other young producers on this project, but still ended up collaborating with Jaki and Hoshieternal and Flip only has one feature on the project, coming on what is maybe my favorite track “Magnolia” from Slim! who floats on the beat alongside Flip who puts on a great vocal performance with some assist warping his output by his engineer who captured his sound well. I really enjoyed this project and definitely would recommend Flipphoneshwty to any fans of plugg-music and if you are a fan of plugg-music you likely already know Nerdcoke, but don’t forget to give the smartest producer in the underground his flowers as many other plugg producers have been receiving a lot of love recently as the subgenre’s origins and top creatives have been hotly debated across social media for weeks now after industry producers began to begin to bite on the sound, despite the major narrative towards plugg music from the “mainstream” rap scene if you will that has always been demeaning and pretentious, unable to get past many of the genre’s integral D.I.Y. elements and writing them off as being poorly made or amateurish.