Gave Up on Love – [YSN Fab]

There are definitely certain artists who use music as a message conveyor rather than just putting out songs to be played at clubs and loudly in your car, and while I think it just depends on the listener when it comes to what they prefer, I have respect for both parties 100%. When I found out about YSN Fab not too long ago, I knew I was playing the catch-up game considering he has garnered so many plays and achievements already throughout his career, but one thing I realized right off the bat was the fact that he is definitely a storyteller as well as a person who wears his heart on his sleeve.

I feel like this just makes his music so much better because it connects with fans on a much more organic level, and it is oftentimes relatable in some capacity or another. This has helped me gain a much firmer grasp of who he is as an artist but also beyond music as a person as well, and this is something that keeps me constantly coming back for every new release I find. “Gave Up on Love” is the title of his latest drop, and it once again portrays Fab being as open and honest as ever, even though it might not be the easiest thing discussing some of the heartbreaking or dejecting topics that he sings about.

The production is a perfect canvas for Fab as well thanks to some earnest guitar strums and rhythmic percussion which is definitely simplistic yet catchy without a doubt. When he comes in, Fab shows off a diversity of skills, sometimes stretching his words and holding out impressive notes while in other moments, he quickens his phrases and boasts an excitingly swift flow that is completely infectious. YSN Fab is only going to continue to see his stock price rise as long as his songs sound even half as good as “Gave Up on Love”, and he’s definitely someone you need on your radar if he somehow isn’t already.