One of the most authentic rappers of our generation hit music libraries and top charts everywhere with a vengeance, as PTSD continues to rack up streams and top-chart spots. This time, however, Herb did it a different way. He tugged at heartstrings and appealed to individuals that may not have ever listened to his music when he poured out his emotions and inner struggles with certain songs on the project.

One of these tracks, “Gangstas Cry,” is a beautiful expression of just that. In this studio session in which Herb performs the track live, you can not only hear but feel, the pure emotion coming from his voice and his lyrics. “I stayed up the longest when my n***a died, I po’d up some mo’ so I could stop from cryin’.”

Herbo has been through some of the toughest trials and tribulations life has to offer; losing friends, losing family, troubles with the law, and mental issues many never saw. It’s refreshing and uplifting to hear someone so deeply entrenched in the streets and violence to express their emotions, and I can’t help but think Herb has opened doors for others to do so, and do so comfortably.

The Vevo Ctrl session was a perfect fit for this track and for G Herbo, as it allows listeners and fans alike to hear live the struggle and pain from his lyrics, as well as see his genuine emotion as he spits.

Watch G Herbo – Gangstas Cry (Live Session) | Vevo Ctrl below!