Gang’Nem – [Ab-Soul] ft. [Fre$h]

It somewhat saddens me that words in rap songs aren’t really as important to the younger generation of music fans in general. Not that I am always in the mood for a deep song with various alternate meanings or anything, but I do love it when someone can piece bars together in such a poetic, thought-provoking fashion, and I think it’s hard to find someone who does it as well as Ab-Soul. Soulo is one of my all-time favorite lyricists because he can say it how it is straight up or he can leave you with a bit of ambiguity to let your mind wander, and the fact that he can discuss abstract concepts without making them confusing or irrelevant makes me truly appreciate his art and the lyricist that he has proven himself to be.

After a lengthy hiatus of about 6 years, Soul hit us with “Do Better”, one of the deepest, most profound songs that I’ve heard all year with a video to match, and he is not only back with a wonderful new single, but the news that he has an album entitled Herbert due out on December 16th. The new song is called “Gang’Nem”, featuring a smooth, laidback, and heartfelt instrumental courtesy of Sounwave, but the message behind it is the most important thing. Along with some additionally impactful words from Fre$h, the duo goes into what it means to have a family outside of your immediate relatives.

I’m talking about friends, homies, and people you know will have your back no matter how tough things might get, and the way these two emcees share their admiration for these individuals throughout their lives is eloquent and touching, to say the least. The Omar Jones-directed video takes things one step further as the two hit the streets of Carson, California to hang out with their other family, hitting up parks, storefronts, and community staples, all to share their love with those who have love for them. “Gang’Nem” takes a major pivot from the heartbreaking qualities showcased in the upcoming album’s first single, but it shares all the same genuine honesty, so while we prepare for what is sure to be a top album of 2022, check out Ab-Soul’s latest video single!