Danny Adams
Danny Adams
24 Apr 2020

With Atlanta obviously taking over the Rap scene for decades at this point, it doesn’t look like it’ll ever stop producing talents and for that, I’m beyond grateful. While legends like Young Thug, Future, and Gucci Mane have been molding the Atlanta trap sound for years, they’ve also been influencing younger artists who aspire to make it to the big leagues just as they did. Although rappers nowadays have taken this classic sound and morphed it into their own style in order to remain fresh and relevant, there are ageless elements of every song coming out of the Georgia capital with every new offering we receive, no matter what artist it is.

I know I’m a couple of days late to Baby Plug’s latest music video for his song “Gang Rules”, but I had to get caught up to speed and talk about it. While I wasn’t extremely familiar with the rising Atlanta rapper, I have been constantly seeing his name popping up left and right, so I knew I needed to check him out once and for all. This track has a very uncharacteristic approach to music coming from the southern city, as the beat is made up of what sounds like rapid, airy xylophone notes of sorts, booming 808s, and that classic trap percussion that I mentioned previously. Plug has a sound very similar to Lil Baby to an extent, but there are subtle differences that separate him from the iconic rapper. He’s definitely not biting or stealing his sound either, but most likely rather using it as inspiration to form his own style as artists have been doing for decades. Either way, if you can rap as masterfully as Lil Baby while just beginning your musical career, you’ve got to be doing something right and it’s what is going to lead him into stardom sooner rather than later. As the song progresses, he gets more energetic and you can hear it in his voice as he goes from a melodic rapping sound to more of a full-on singing style. As he moves through different topics of discussion within this hit, he talks about buying expensive shoes and jewelry while also mentioning certain struggles he and his family faced in the past and how he came up from nothing, using this as motivation to keep going further with his music career.

The music video that pairs with this song is done in a very crisp way. There’s not a ton of different scenes or settings like we see in a lot of music videos today, but this allows for an uncluttered visual that can be leveled up by subtle animations and Baby Plug’s eccentric personality. The main scene itself is pretty cool in the first place, considering the rapper can be seen dancing around at night in the middle of the famous artwork comprised of numerous streetlamps that are a part of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It’s hard to explain, but as soon as you press play, you’ll recognize the iconic setting. As we are taken on a sonic journey throughout, different black and white animations pop up, sometimes being utilized as a frame and other times just adding complexity to the video.

While the music video is simple and not necessarily earth-shattering, it is clean and well-shot. This goes a long way for an artist trying to make a name for themselves in an industry full of talents. Baby Plug isn’t quite as up and coming as he used to be, but there’s no denying he’s still on the rise, so consistently releasing new music and visuals is essential to being able to cultivate a loyal following. He’s clearly been making all the right moves to get where he’s at now, so I think if he continues on this path, it’s beyond clear that he’ll be a mainstay in the Atlanta music scene for years to come. “Gang Rules” by Baby Plug is a fantastic offering from the rising star, so give it a spin whenever you get a moment.