Fun Time – [Bfb Da PackMan] ft. [Wiz Khalifa]

Out of anyone you could possibly think of in the entire music industry, I have to say that my respect for Bfb Da PackMan is at an all-time high. I was first put onto him through his collaboration with Sada Baby on “Free Joe Exotic”, as most people were, but after digging deeper into his multitude of other offerings, I could tell he was a special talent. Then, I found out that even with all of the success he has had seemingly overnight in the Rap world, he continues to work his day job as a mailman in the Houston area and plans to do so until he has at least Fifty million dollars in his bank account, at least that’s according to a comment he made on Instagram. It’s this hustle and determination that’s going to take him to the next level, but his enthralling personality and obvious talent can’t hurt either, of course.

As he continues catching W’s in his blossoming career, he is back and better than ever with none other than Wiz Khalifa on his brand-new track entitled “Fun Time”. As the beat begins to play, high-pitched, momentous synths capture your attention before thunderous drums and simplistic, chattering percussion enter into the picture to provide Bfb with a minimal instrumental to truly show off his incredibly entertaining lyricism. The amount of insanely entertaining one-liners in this track are unbelievable, per usual, and although some of these lyrics are definitely comical, they definitely do a fantastic job of showing off just how creative and intelligent he is in general.

As for like half of the bars he spits, the beat cuts out to drive home the punch line, helping them come through clear as day, even more, when combined with the overenunciation of every single syllable. His delivery can be off tempo at times, but this is a characteristic quality of certain rappers who hail from Detroit, as Bfb does, so I think this trait is understood and definitely welcomed from my perspective. He even shows off his unique dexterity by singing and screaming here and there, bringing new sounds to his already individualistic flow.

There’s no hook or classic structure to the song which adds to its uncharacteristic nature, so when Wiz comes in for his verse, it somewhat catches you by surprise. He begins with a similarly choppy cadence to the one that Bfb uses, but his disposition comes off as being much more relaxed and unphased. His words just float right out of his mouth, providing some smoothness to the track that juxtaposes his counterpart’s more embellished flows in a remarkable fashion. He even takes a moment to sing a line of his own, dividing up the otherwise somewhat repetitive beat perfectly.

Luckily, the duo got together to film a music video for this hit as well, and seeing Bfb interact with a legend like Wiz throughout is definitely intriguing, to say the least. It starts out with some cartoonish still shots of the pair in the studio, looking like it was a picture taken right out of an old school comic book. Directly after, the two artists take their talents to a backyard basketball court as Wiz shrugs him off, sending Bfb toppling to the ground before dropping the ball on him. While other shots show the two dancing around and reciting their bars in the backyard, they can also be seen in the studio together where Da PackMan drinks straight from a liquor bottle as Wiz continuously smokes a blunt. Other than these few settings, there are a few animations and cartoons seen throughout that emphasize the lyrics that are being recited, but both of the artists’ unique personalities are on full display more than ever before.

Seeing Bfb’s out of the box behavior while interacting with Wiz’s tranquil disposition is definitely intriguing, and although I thought that this might’ve been a strange combination going into the song, I was left wanting so much more from the tag team in the future. I’ll never stop respecting Bfb’s drive and perseverance because he just seems like such a genuine, respectable person in general, so it’s hard to ever root against someone like him. Aside from this, it’s also worth noting that he has been making all these massive strides in music independently and preaches how he hopes to continue to do so moving forward, so that’s commendable in and of itself. While the future continues to look bright for the Houston by way of Detroit talent, I’m excited to see what else he has in store for fans in the future. You’ve probably heard of Bfb Da PackMan due to the virality of his music in recent history, but “Fun Time” takes his talents to a new level with the one and only Wiz Khalifa, so make sure you peep the new song and music video as soon as possible if you haven’t seen it already.