FUK EM – [SSGKobe] & [Lil Yachty]

There are so many different traits that can be appreciated throughout the diverse landscape that is hip-hop music, and some artists grab my attention much more than others. As for SSGKobe, he has been making music for a handful of years, but his patience is a quality that I think so many young artists can learn from. Sure, he’s still young himself, but the fact that he’s been grinding for years and has only recently begun to see success in his career should show up-and-comers that as long as you have the drive and desire to succeed and mold your sound into something that will appeal to the masses, you can make it in this cutthroat industry.

Although his catalog of hits grows more extensive by the day, it seems, he always maintains that workhorse mentality, and this is what separates him from the rest. I’m not sure what the rest of 2021 holds for the young star, but I do know that just the other day he decided to team up with Lil Yachty to release another banger entitled “FUK EM”, and you need to hear this song to truly appreciate it.

In the instrumental, some lively, electronic synths create a melody that you already know Kobe will thrive on as they’re combined with chattering percussive elements and pungent, thunderous 808s that come together seamlessly. Yachty kicks things off with a carefree yet captivating verse, and although I’m not surprised, his bubbly voice and enthusiasm work just so perfectly on this style of instrumental.

When Kobe comes in next, he boasts a familiar delivery that is melodious but also quick, giving fans the best of both worlds that he has become famous for, and I don’t think it could’ve turned out any better if he tried. Alongside the track comes a JMP-directed music video that shows the two superstars galivanting around what looks to be the streets of New York City with their friend Zack Bia, and although it’s a video you’re going to want to watch as well, “FUK EM” is a track you need to check out regardless.