With two stealth,video-assisted singles, and an amazing guest verse on Flee’s “Swish/Use 2” Brent Faiyaz has done a job of building some steady momentum while keeping his effortless, organic feel. The slow-burn approach (that’s also reflected in his music) has really worked well for him and now, with the release of his new album, Fuck The World, he’ll look to cash in. Cash in he does. The album is stellar!

What impresses me most about Faiyaz, is his ability to have brung a smooth feel and that R&B bounce, but still emit a cold, murky feel. A perfect album for winter, Fuck The World has this dark bite to it that gives it more intrigue and atmosphere than your standard, warm R&B album. I think a large part of this is due to the production. Faiyaz uses space really well, letting his crooning almost echo over the instrumentals, occasionally lacing them with a layered effect or a subtle vocal chop. The result of his unique sound is a sinuous listen that still maintains a very cohesive and sharp aesthetic. This is most definitely a huge win for Brent, and with his consistency and direction, it won’t be his last.

Standout Tracks: “Fuck The World (Summer In London)”  “Let Me Know” “Lost Kids Get Money”