FromBeyondTheGrave – [BONES]

Twenty-six year old underground pioneer BONES returns with another impressive album titled FROMBEYONDTHEGRAVE. With a staggering 80+ projects in his catalogue, the Team SESH veteran is notoriously known for releasing short songs that (sometimes) barely last a minute. Yet, the impact of his work is never in question, as every ephemeral offering from him presents a new experimental edge. In my opinion, BONES arguably has the most consistent collection of bangers pound for pound. It’s remarkable that his fanbase’s expectations are always met despite the artist’s insistence to continually go against the grain, thereby creating an organic following that reflects his philosophy. If rappers can be contrarian, BONES is the fitting image; he’s unapologetically expressed his disapproval of mainstream rap stereotypes such as popping pills (xanax), glorification of status, and false image portrayal(s). Not to mention, BONES’s transcendence from any genre means he cannot be pinned exclusively to rap or hip-hop – he dabbles often between rock, metal, and even softer vocals with a ‘sad boy’ association. FROMBEYONDTHEGRAVE has a fitting run time of twenty-four minutes & twenty-five seconds with twelve accompanying tracks. My personal highlights are “2Stroke” and “Cement,” which sonically reflect the eerie album title and ominous vibe throughout. The album marks the fifth official project release from him this year (three of them being collaborative works). As evident throughout his entire career, BONES may be the only artist capable of prioritizing both quality and quantity. Unconcerned with the opinions of esteemed music critics and connoisseurs, I cannot envision BONES slowing down anytime soon. The artist himself once said on his track “Take Cover” that “It goes on and on, sh*t never stops till I’m dead and gone, and even then, SESH will live on two-hundred years form now they’ll be singing along.”  Stream the record in full below!