Brodie Harvey
Brodie Harvey
26 Nov 2019

One of Toronto’s most exciting collectives this decade has been the Prime Boys, consisting of certified hitmakers and some of the hardest spitters North of the Border. By far one of their most electrifying artists Donnie has taken a break from music but return with his wildly impressive debut project From the Beginning to End. This project is a long time in the making, initially gaining some buzz earlier this decade with booming street anthems and a real perspective of what is actually going on in Toronto. It seems that 2019 has been a year for all of the Prime Boys to really claim their place in the Canadian Hip-Hop pantheon, ready to take over the world next.

This album not only features Donnie’s signature intensity but shows a completely different side of the artist that in his absence Donnie has been hard at work expanding what he is capable of in the booth. The song that really connected with me was “Good As It Gets” alongside Prime Boys founder Jimmy Prime and a Canadian treasure who left this earth far too soon in Smoke Dawg, touching on themes of success and even though they have begun to find more of it they still have their sights set on higher aspirations. Daniel Caesar lends his tranquil vocals to “Life of the Party”, where Donnie’s vocals lean more towards the more angry side creating a late-night atmospheric track that will get many plays through car auxiliary chords.

Donnie stepped it up to another level on his debut project. If this signifies the end of a tumultuous decade for the Prime Boys, what lays in the next will hopefully be full of peace and propserity for an artist’s collective that has seen more than its fair share of hardship in the past 10 years. Take a listen to From the Beginning to End to see what Toronto’s musical elite co-sign Donnie so hard.

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