It is my great pleasure to introduce to the Lyrical Lemonade community an incredible duo from Ontario, Ottawa that dub themselves Garçons. The brilliant combination of Deelo Avery and Julian Strangelove result in a lively orchestration of groove-inducing records. Their latest visual offering, “Froggin,” captures the pair at their most charismatic.

This beat-driven psychedelic rollercoaster of hysteria begins with the song’s fast-paced production leading in the visual’s aforementioned stars, Deelo Avery and Julian Strangelove. The dynamic duo put forth their best impressions of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo from the highly popular cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The next four minutes of the Strangelove directed visual is as wily as the film’s antics; paranoia induced fleeing, erratic moments of delirium and spontaneous moments of dancing. Possessed by the disco-like production of “Froggin” our main character, Deelo, is inconsolable when it comes to the infectious bass-lines of their spritely new jam. Julian Strangelove commented on the vision behind their latest video, saying,

“The energy of the song reminded me so much of those insane drug stories in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so the idea for the video was obvious right away, especially being a massive Hunter Thompson fan. I love the way Terry Gillam directed the movie, so a lot of the music video was a tribute to his work. We wanted to shoot the video in Vegas, but the circumstances we would have had to overcome to do that were impossible, so we found ways to work with what we had in Canada. Shooting videos without a budget can be frustrating, whether its broken promises, asking for favors or dealing with police  – there are always obstacles, but they force you to be more creative with your ideas. I think that’s the true beauty of this video.”

Garçons are bubbling quickly with each release acting as a primer to their inevitable success. Their latest offering, “Froggin” only further solidifies my assessment; these guys are really, really good. If you’re digging the new visual from Garçons make sure to show them your support by watching their new “Froggin” video below and dropping them a follow on Twitter and Instagram.