Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
6 Nov 2019

Trying to describe CA$HRINA’s “Friendzoned,” the only fitting word to use is undeniable. From the liberating glory of running away to a deep yearning for love, the song’s thematics fill each lyric to the brim with emotion, while the production laces this one with a barrage of head-turning melodies, none of which fail to capture the full excitement of CA$HRINA’s character. From there, once the budding talent comes in, she absolutely soars, and “Friendzoned” is immediately transformed from a good song to an anthem.

This “anthemic” trait is the real magic of the record. Rather than speaking to listeners as a crowd, CA$HRINA sings in a way that resonates on an eye-to-eye level, leaving her audience with lyrics that apply just as much to their lives as they do to the singer. In such a way, the “fourth wall,” per se, is broken, and “Friendzoned” runs free as an easy sing-a-long, and a testament to CA$HRINA’s galvanizing artistry.

Enough long words and explanations, though. Check out the song for yourself at the link below!

Produced by @domstaxx
Artwork by @ialeeshai