Friends – [Lil Shock]

Lil Shock comes through with his first drop of 2020 and doesn’t miss with his tropical trap ballad “Friends.” We have so much time on our hands now with the world pandemic going on with the coronavirus. That’s great news for streaming platforms and content creators as everyone should be salivating for new material. Lil Shock is a rapper who hails from a small town in Roxboro, North Carolina, but nothing about Shock’s music or fanbase is small. Last year his song “Rockstar” took off amongst the gaming community and has bolstered the single to over 5 million plays on Spotify alone. With “Friends” Shock lays down an infectious and catchy hook overproduction by Squibs. Shock is an artist who falls in the same lane as rappers like Lil Tecca and Lil Mosey. While the focus isn’t on their lyrical wordplay but more so the vibe of the song, how memorable the hook is, combined with a few lyrics you can hang your hat on. 2020 looks to be a great year for Lil Shock if he’s able to keep delivering on singles like this.

Stream Lil Shock’s latest single “Friends” after the break.