Fresh Off the Plane – [J BILLZ]

Although I feel like producers never get nearly enough shine for the work that they do for the emcees they work with, I am always going to be the first one to show appreciation and admiration for the insane artistry that they possess. Out of everyone in the game right now, Pi’erre Bourne is one of my absolute favorite artists, because although he blazed a trail as a producer, he has made an equally impressive run as an emcee himself, and I think that everything he touches turns to gold without a doubt.

His collective Sosshouse is already a force to be reckoned with, but when he continues to build this empire with artists like J Billz, there is no predicting what this group of immensely talented creatives can achieve. I am still just getting acquainted with J Billz at this point, but everything I’ve heard so far has been enthralling, and with his latest Pi’erre Bourne-produced record “Fresh Off the Plane”, there is even more proof that these two phenoms are nothing short of captivating when they work together.

The instrumental’s melody is really light and almost tiptoes around in your ears while the bass and percussion just pierce right through to your core, setting J up for absolute success before he even says a word. In turn, J is absolutely insane on this instrumental, rifling off rapid-fire bars full of enthusiasm, personality, and individuality, and I think this song just proves my point as to why you need J Billz on your radar 100%. Add in the incredible Noahsocold visual that takes things up a notch, and this is one of the most entertaining releases you’ll hear all weekend.