Freestyle – [Lil Gotit]

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a big Lil Gotit fan. There was a time not too long ago when he was dropping multiple tracks per week, and even when I thought that his older brother Lil Keed was outdoing him in terms of numbers and a growing fanbase, I realized that Gotit was even more unique than anyone in the Atlanta area, and I think this helped him ditch the shadow of his sibling in no time. Regardless, I feel like he is such an underrated talent, and if anyone is mentored by artists like Young Thug and Gunna, you know they’re set up for success.

It seems like quite some time has passed since I last tapped in with Gotit for one reason or another, but when I was scrolling through YouTube yesterday, I realized that he dropped a new song called “Freestyle” as well as a Brett5d and BENNYBANDZ-directed music video that I was definitely not going to miss out on. In the instrumental for this hit, things seem to be very epic with synths and drums that combine as if there is a build-up to something huge, and Gotit ensures that he’s the star of the show the entire time.

As he spits, his flows get more and more hasty and versatile, and even when his vocals are delivered in a fashion we’ve come to expect from the Atlanta phenom, he manages to somehow switch things up and make sure that he keeps including something new alongside a classic sound we’ve all come to know and love. Even with a quiet start to 2022, I think that we should expect nothing less than great from Lil Gotit, and I certainly believe “Freestyle” is the start of that without a doubt.