Whenever you start a chapter in your life, there are always those certain songs/artists that you associate that time of your life with. When I first started getting into artist discovery, it was an exciting point in my young career. There was nothing more fun than getting to search through the crevices of Spotify to find dope new music. One of the first artists I became obsessed with due to this process was Mei. From the moment I heard his music, I knew that I would be a lifelong fan as long as he continued to make music. Mei is up there on my all time favorites list, and I pray after reading this article, you can say the same. 

Whether it’s his powerful and convicting vocals or his dynamic production, Mei’s gift for music making is undeniable in every single thing that he puts out. Today, the Southern California based talent is making it onto our page for the release of his brand new song called, “Frankenstein”. I had the chance to listen to the song a little while back and it was evidently clear that this might be one of his best songs to date. Every song he has is utterly amazing, but this new offering is just yet another reminder as to why Mei has the potential to become one of the most coveted individuals in the industry.

From start to finish, it will be impossible for you to pinpoint your favorite part of the song, since the entire piece is immensely strong. There will never be enough words to truly be able to describe how great this song is, but I pray you take a listen and can connect with what I’m saying. I’ve attached “Frankenstein” down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!