Frankenstein – [Lu baby]

Although Lu baby is a relatively new name in my arsenal of artists that I listen to, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with everything he has put out since he was put on my radar. When I first heard of him, it was because he and the legendary Pouya did a song together called “Walk In”, and after hearing their chemistry on that track as well as Lu’s raw talent, I knew I was going to be a fan for quite some time moving forward. Although I have still been revisiting his and Pouya’s song, I was definitely pleasantly surprised to see that he decided to drop off a single of his own recently entitled “Frankenstein”, and when I first pressed play, I knew this was going to be right up my alley.

As the beat begins, thunder strikes in the distance as erratic, intense guitar scratches of some sort begin to take shape but eventually, a fairly simplistic drum and hat combination enter into the scene and give it an old-school boom-bap-like rhythm that Lu absolutely destroys. When he begins to spit, his deep voice comes through menacingly and confidently as he boasts some incredibly intelligent and creative bars that many of the rappers in this day and age should take notes on. As we move on, his ad-libs are as creative as it gets considering he doesn’t just repeat the last word or two of the line but rather uses original phrases that seem to come from other characters or personalities, adding some interesting dexterity to the offering. In other moments he utilizes multiple layers of vocals that come through sounding like an entire crowd is rapping along with him at a concert or something like that, and I think this definitely brings everything together flawlessly.

Considering this is my first taste of Lu baby on his own and not next to another artist, I was curious how things would go. After listening, I can confidently say that he’s got some immense talents and I can only see his stock rising from here. Although I hate artist comparisons for most people, I feel like I saw a bit of a mixture of El-P and Getter’s rapping alter ego Terror Reid which is high praise considering they’re both super talented as well, so I just hope Lu keeps doing his thing and breaking through boundaries as a young, up and coming artist. “Frankenstein” is the latest track from rising star Lu baby that you’re not going to want to miss out on, so make sure you press the play button as soon as you get the chance.