Frank Lucas – [Freddie Gibbs] & [The Alchemist] ft. [Benny The Butcher]

The Alchemist has always been one of my favorite producers ever since I got into Rap music. He just has this way of thinking outside the box whether that’s in terms of samples, putting a new spin on old school techniques, or working with artists to bring the best out of them. He doesn’t specifically cater to one kind of rapper but rather brings something new to the table that not only challenges them but helps bring all of their talents and aptitudes to the forefront. Even if artists like Freddie Gibbs or Benny The Butcher have proven their sheer talent time and time again throughout their extensive careers, Al somehow breathes new life into their skills and brings out another side of them that captures your attention and draws you in throughout every single word they spit.

Of course, the song I’m thinking of is “Frank Lucas”, one of the most eye-catching cuts off of the duo’s joint effort Alfredo which just received a brand-new music video treatment. I’m not going to dive too deep into the song itself because you’ve most likely heard it by now, but I couldn’t let the visual come and go without going into detail about it. As it opens up on a city from above, I can’t help but believe that they’re in Miami considering the beautiful weather, clear water, palm trees, and the fact that Benny shouts the city out in his verse, but I could be wrong on the city in all honesty.

As we first see Freddie, he is standing in front of a graffitied garage door, and the artwork in the background sys his name alongside a mural of the emcee dressed as the iconic kingpin that the song is named after. Later on, we catch our first glimpse of Benny who joins Freddie on a boat cruising through the ocean just off the coast of the city. Here, they’re joined by a few beautiful women as they recite their lyrics decked out in designer clothing while showing off the plethora of gold chains draped from their necks. As these women dance on and around the rappers, they pop champagne and just live a lavishly carefree life, even if the semi-illegal topics they’re rapping about might cause other artists to be anxious.

When Benny comes in for his parts, he smokes a blunt, drinks some of the champagne, and simply seems to enjoy himself as he recites his hard-nosed bars right at the camera with Freddie in his rearview, hyping him up the entire time. Although there are no effects or animations used throughout, the scenes are as clean and clear as can be, the backdrop in every setting is enthralling, and the rappers are on full display showing exactly why they’re forces to be reckoned with and respected within the Rap game, as it should be.

Even though this project came out a few months ago already, at this point, I can’t help but revisit it consistently every single week. The lyricism is as good as it gets, the storytelling and the pictures they paint are vivid enough to not even need an imagination, and their assertively hard-nosed bars always reveal something new to me with every additional listen. None of the instrumentals sound even remotely the same yet they all come together to offer this specific vibe that is unmatched by any other project this year, and although it might not get the Grammy nods that it deserves when award season comes around, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s one of the best projects of 2020, in my opinion. All of the music videos that have been released have also complimented the songs flawlessly and they add so much more to the already captivating story that is being told throughout the album, so every time I see a new visual off of this project pop up, I stop whatever I’m doing and tune in. The video for “Frank Lucas” is absolutely no different, so I highly suggest you follow suit, stop whatever you might be wrapped up in right now, and check out this amazing new visual from Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher.