Forgot Who I Was – [Rx Papi]

Rx Papi is the hardest working rapper out and the incredible pace in which he is dropping a litany of mixtapes, singles, and music videos, never with any notice or major forms of promotion in line but rather has assembled from the very bottom-up a small yet rabid cult-following that grows literally with each passing day as new listeners are lucky enough to stumble their way into Rx Papi and Nephew’s DrugRich world that is filled with would-be assassins, shiesty fiends, and three-dimensional relationships with the junkies they serve that make you sit back and re-evaluate the annals of the drug trade that would suggest there to be a negative relationship between dealer and user but the b0nd in which Rx Papi shares with his uncles and aunties is unbreakable. Papi both gives a window into this psyche and symbiosis while reminding his listeners indubitably that he is in fact the Crack Lord of Rochester.

Last week we covered his track “Criminal Intent” which remixed the Law & Order intro  but today Papi is back with a breezy and happy-go-lucky tune titled “I Forgot Who I Was” which is both an existential review of his personal life with the end goal of returning Papi to whatever mental-state he feels like he was drifted too far from and also literally getting so booted he ceases to remember his own name. SozeCinema supplied him with yet another visual and this pair is beginning to develop a real chemistry with each other that is resulting in more and more consistency between them in style. I love Rx Papi and don’t think there is another artist out there as creative as him right now and I am so excited to keep listening.