Forget About It – [Alex Banin]

Alex Banin is a name that I had only heard about a month ago when she came into the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a Lemonade Stand interview (which you should check out here), but ever since, I have made sure to deeply familiarize myself with all of the remarkable skills she has brought to the table in her blossoming music career. When I saw the homie Elliot write about her brand-new EP Did I Imagine that just came out, I went directly to her social media to find the link, and while I was there I saw that she teamed up with the other homie Michael Del Rosario to shoot a music video for the song “Forget About It” off of the project, so I figured I would double down on articles because this is a must-see video.

As you make your way through the whole video, there are tons of abstract moments and ideas that I believe they decided to leave up to the individual viewer, with many characters dressed in what looks to be paper Mache bunny heads leading the way of this conceptual video. While this isn’t a surprise considering one of these masks accompany her on the cover of her EP, it was nice to see these things tie in with one another and continue the connection more than just on the cover alone.

Throughout the entire visual, it seems as if Alex is alone, and while she is accompanied by these bunny characters as well as Slenderman-inspired individuals, she seems to be the only actual person on Earth as she’s surrounded by these beings who don’t seem to be their unique selves, or at least that’s kind of how I interpreted things. Whether she’s at what seems to be a birthday party, a movie theater, or a few other settings, Alex is surrounded by these characters who never seem to move or add to the situation, but instead, just stare blankly forward the entire time. That is, in every situation except one where one couple of bunnies try and kiss while another eats popcorn, but these are the only exceptions.

All in all, I love the concept of the video and the fact that there is so much room for your own interpretation, so I don’t think this could have come out better if they tried. There are even a few scenarios and scenes where Alex is holding a bunny mask of her own, so I took this as the fact that she has kind of began to spread her wings and break out of her shell, not needing to mask her true self like all the others, and instead breaking out and showing herself to the world as she should. At the same time though, she sometimes needs to keep the mask close almost as a safety net just in case things begin to get overwhelming or don’t necessarily work out the way she had hoped. Once again, this is totally my own interpretation and I could be completely off base, but that just means you need to check out the music video for Alex Banin’s song “Forget About It” off of her latest EP in order to see if you interpret it differently on your own.