Chuck Ramos
Chuck Ramos
8 Oct 2019

As the genre of R&B continues to surge with captivating artists creating equally enthralling music the motivation to become more adaptive and creative in the genre is at its height. One of the most exciting acts that I have come across over the past few weeks is Detroit-Windsor native Jacob Sigman. Incorporating nostalgic sensibilities with new-aged mechanics, Sigman creates an intoxicating hybrid of R&B and Pop. His most recent single, “Forever Blue,” is the musician’s latest example of continued development and jaw-dropping talent.

Jacob Sigman’s new single opens with a metronome-like ticking before the song’s dreamy guitar progression sets a stirring precedent for the remainder of the record. Upon first inkling, you may believe this song follows in the lineage of popular bedroom pop anthems before it – until the song’s one minute mark. The introduction of the record’s full scale production backs Sigman’s peaking vocal exhibition, creating a ballroom-like orchestration filled with piercing strings that firmly support the sentimental lyricism and thematic elements of the record. Recruiting the talents of fellow Windsor-based producer Datsunn, the pair of Michigan based creatives marry their styles together to create something truly memorable. I had the opportunity to ask Jacob Sigman about his newly released record and what it means to him, he said the below,

“When I wrote ‘Forever Blue’ I wanted the lyrics and chord progression to sound kind of old-timey… almost like songs from the early 1950’s but I wanted the production to be way more modern. I work with this producer from Windsor called Datsunn and he helped me realize the final vision. That’s one of my big goals as a songwriter.. to marry my favorite music from the past with my favorite music from now.” 

There is little doubt in my mind that Jacob Sigman will continue his musical crusade under the proverbial radar. His appreciation and implementation of elements of musical generations past plus his raw talents as a singer-songwriter illustrate a powerful self-awareness that we have seen coincides with longevity.

Listen to “Forever Blue” by Jacob Sigman and Datsunn below.