For the Week – [Jaah SLT]

Although I haven’t heard too much of Jaah SLT’s recent music, in all honesty, he is someone I’ve been following along with for quite some time now. He is definitely one of the most unique talents in the rap scene, giving us a plethora of different styles that only expand his sonic repertoire tremendously, yet I still think that he’s grossly underrated and deserves so much more credit.

Even though I have been a fan for a good amount of time, I honestly had no idea that one of my good homies actually helps manage him, so when he texted me and told me to check out his latest song “For The Week” as well as the LKS Visuals-directed music video, I had no choice but to listen up, and I’m sure glad I did. In the instrumental for this hit, there are some momentous, dominating string instruments that combine with crisp percussion and precise, thumping drums that come together wonderfully in order to give Jaah some more time to shine on the microphone.

When he comes in, his delivery is lighthearted and playful even though his wordplay is clever and captivating, without a doubt. He doesn’t seem to truly unleash his full personality on this one, but he still incorporates some vivacious energy in the form of his ad-libs, which are included in the background as his filtered vocals shout out, revealing a bit more enthusiasm that couples with his main, easygoing vocals perfectly.

Although the visual pretty much takes place in a singular setting, Jaah uses it as an opportunity to boast his compelling personality and makes the most out of a pretty simplistic setting. “For The Week” is yet another amazing release from the North Carolina native, making it a record that you’re not going to want to miss out on for even another second.