Foe Lucy’s Vol. 4 – [Bandland ZZ]

In every city you go to or tap in with, you will understand that there isn’t one singular sound of music. Even in New York City where drill is huge right now, Atlanta where trap became a staple, or Los Angeles where smooth, hyphy music is what listeners expect, there is so much more than just those styles. Sure, these might be the most popular and what the rest of the world knows them for, but that shouldn’t undercut the other artists who are thinking outside of the box and trying something different. As I’ve made abundantly clear before, Chicago is probably the largest melting pot in terms of sounds and different types of music that I can think of, and while drill might’ve been the focal point here for quite some time, it isn’t the only genre that exists.

Bandland ZZ is someone who was sent my way the other day, and although I had told the homie who sent a snippet that I was unfamiliar with him, I realized that I actually was aware of his presence after he was featured on the song “10nidwendu” by Valee, so he definitely has been on my radar in the past. Well, I now understand that I need to pay a lot more attention to the local up-and-comer because his latest EP  Foe Lucy’s Vol. 4 is pretty unique and intriguing. Considering it’s only an EP, the 4 songs come up just short of the 7-minute mark, but they’re quick hits that I became a fan of after tuning in.

While I don’t know too much about Bandland specifically, I also can’t quite pinpoint the genre he could be classified under because he does try to display a few creative takes on more generally acknowledged styles of music, so I think at the moment, he’s in a lane of his own. While I do feel like a few more vocal effects might make his bars hit just a little harder, I definitely don’t have too many qualms with the way this quick effort turned out. If you’re interested, I definitely suggest you tap in with one of the latest blossoming acts in the city whenever you can.