Flight – [Butta] feat. [Babyface Ray] [Los]

Detroit music continues to captivate the south as Babyface Ray and Los head to another one of rap’s hottest cities, Jacksonville, Florida, to team up with Butta who is a Florida artist who clearly has been inspired by the sound that Los, Ray, and the rest of the Motor City have made so widely popular. Butta walks over the soulful, up-tempo instrumental, skating over the beat nonchalantly and shouting out his featured artists in the process, sounding right at home alongside the veteran Detroit pair despite being from clear across the country. Babyface Ray and Los both give Butta great guest verses and this trio clearly fucks with each other beyond the music and that’s something I always love from all of the artists who make up Whitehouse Studio who continue to set the new standard on how to move in today’s rap game.