Flame – [Luna Luna] ft. [Victor Internet]

Indie band Luna Luna are just weeks away from releasing their new EP, ‘Carousel’, and with that on the way, the Texas-based group continue to build hype with a new single titled “Flame”. This sultry, slow-burning track makes use of acoustic guitars, punchy percussion, and a feature from Chicago’s own Victor Internet to make for one of Luna Luna’s strongest songs yet.

On “Flame”, Luna Luna capture the feeling of being enamored by someone without knowing where it will go. Incorporating dreamy guitar strums and echoey vocals, the track’s first half entrances a listener in the same way initially falling for someone might do. The track rises and then subsides, eventually leading to an outro that’s more stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and vocal hums, seeming to simulate the initial flame fading away. Victor’s vocals add a layer of vulnerability to the song, as his harmonies overlap with Luna Luna’s in a way that escalates the song at just the right moment. Listen to “Flame” below and keep an eye out for Luna Luna’s EP out October 4.