FIVE SIX – [Pouya]

Florida’s very own Pouya is one of the most prolific artists in all of music, and he has been this way for quite some years. He came up during a time when the Florida scene was relatively low key, and some would say (me included) that he played a pivotal role in exposing the southern state’s incredible music to the rest of the country. It was clear from very early on that there’s something special about him and the fact that he possessed such an unbelievable talent lyrically was something that drew me, and the rest of his massive following, into his remarkable tunes.

While I first got into him through some of his more heavy-hitting, assertive songs that came along with his close friends $uicideboy$, Fat Nick, and Ghostemane, it was obvious from the beginning that he has a very captivating story to tell, and music was his means for conveying his narrative. He did so back in 2019 with his album The South Got Something to Say, a 19-song, 50-minute-long effort that can truly be considered a masterpiece, in my opinion. He didn’t hold back even slightly, offering up his deepest and most introspective thoughts in the blink of an eye, revealing himself to the rest of the world in such a perfect, unperturbed fashion that is never easy but always appreciated by me.

I bring up this classic project because Pouya isn’t done with the fun, linking up with Dad Filmed It to deliver an unbelievably unique and compelling music video for his song “FIVE SIX” that was definitely a highlight of my weekend. Considering this track is definitely meaningful to him, he couldn’t just shoot any random visual and put it out, so the thoughtfulness and consideration that went into this mini-movie were definitely awesome to see. One of the first things that caught my eye was the effects used during certain shots because the camera doesn’t seem to move fluently like normal.

Instead, it appears as if there are snapshots of some sort used that make each scene seem choppy and jerky as it might look in a Claymation video. Aside from this, there is a small green screen that follows him from shot to shot, portraying various other settings and images that might seem random to outsiders like myself, but I’m sure each and every image used has some sort of meaning or intent for its inclusion. Although all of these things are inventive and out of the ordinary when compared to other music videos that artists might put out, the most important thing is that nothing takes away from the actual record itself, allowing it to shine bright so Pouya’s message can come through loud and clear more than ever before.

Although Pouya might not be the underground underdog he once was after so much success and so many accomplishments, this just means he is able to reach more listeners and be able to make an impact on more people’s lives. Whether you follow him on social media and see what kind of random shenanigans he gets himself into or strictly listen to the stories he shares in his music, Pouya is just one of the easiest artists in the entire world to root for, and I can only hope that he continues to make fascinating and incredible music just like this. Whether you’ve run “FIVE SIX” and the rest of the album back thousands of times like me or this is your first time hearing it, you’re going to want to do yourself a favor and peep the brand-new visual from the legendary Pouya as soon as you get the chance.