First Impression – [Ohana Bam] ft. [Mamii]

I may be biased because Chicago is the wonderful city that I am lucky enough to call home, but the music scene here is literally as diverse as it can possibly get. It almost feels as if there is our own little renaissance happening where artists don’t feel the need to conform or be anything but their authentic selves, and the sounds that are coming from this Midwestern city are unlike anything you’d find anywhere else.

After artists like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and G Herbo put on for the city with their drill movement, the rest of the country finally started to recognize the potential that we possess here, and artists have taken that and ran with it, and I just wish there was some sort of playlist or full discography somewhere that we could check out in order to see all of these versatile styles in one place. The dexterity of this city is always on my mind, but it always seems to shock me as we put together the Top 50 Chicago Projects of the Year list, something that we just dropped earlier this week that you need to check out if you haven’t had time quite yet.

While Ohana Bam has always been included on this list thanks to his wonderful skills, he actually had a relatively quiet year compared to 2020 when he dropped two projects with Naked Silhouettes even receiving an acoustic version to provide a new outlook on the amazing album. Although he was omitted on this year’s list because he didn’t actually drop a project, his singles are always a spectacle, and his latest song “First Impression” is nothing short of an instant classic. In the 5thofHen-produced instrumental, there is an airy, optimistic melody that comes together thanks to crisp hats and claps as well as powerful, sharp drums that provide a cool and relaxed rhythm that is perfect for Ohana Bam.

When he comes in, his words just resound through the speakers, into your eardrums, and right into your brain, lingering there for an extensive period of time as you sit and think about just how incredibly talented Ohana truly is. Mamii, who is featured in this record, doesn’t actually have a verse, but her voice is rather utilized in the background, providing some higher-pitched vocals that elevate this record and provide an angelic, lifted sound that works incredibly well with Ohana’s portions. While this song is an absolute banger, “First Impression” also received a music video courtesy of Jon Levert, making this a one-two punch that you’re going to enjoy from start to finish as soon as you tune in.