Fifty-Three Clouds – [Reserv]

Few artists – regardless of their level of fame, prominence, and/or relevance – have truly been able to turn the unfathomable into reality in a musical sense. For as experimental and off-the-beaten-path so many acts have come to be known as, music today has essentially become limitless in its expansiveness, but there does exist a telling difference between tapping into the unknown from a purely sonic perspective compared to one of pure emotional artistry.

That latter description is where an act like Reserv differentiates himself from practically every single artist who has ever graced this planet throughout its entire existence. Whether one notices this through his unmistakably rich image via his cover art and its indescribable aura, or simply through the untapped sense of musicality that exudes through his emotion-packed, sentiment-driven, and blatantly otherworldly approach to his sound, there could absolutely be no comparisons to such a by himself figure like he is in these manners.

In a catalog that has yet to detract from these previous notions throughout his entire career, one would be remiss to think that such a prolific figure like Reserv would fail to succeed at adding on to this exceptional status time and time again. It is easy to see why those doubts are as nonexistent as they are when his most recent single “Fifty-Three Clouds” is another stellar offering that finds itself mixed in with the rest of this untouchable group.

Over a slow-building and meticulously-crafted instrumental that sees its solemn synths backed up by heavy percussion throughout the entire experience, Reserv performs in quite the only manner that he possibly could from every perspective imaginable. His flawlessly-delivered vocals are rooted in that all-too-characteristic sense of dread and dejection that seems to seep its way into every offering at his disposal, and the emotionally-sound energy that corresponds with it is just that much more telling as a result.

From the highest spectacle imaginable, this track is truly just another exceptional offering from a completely of-his-own figure like Reserv unquestionably is. But that claim does indeed operate on a spectrum, as an incredible single from the grand majority of other acts could not even come close to what it means to be amazing in Reserv’s own sense, and if that does not speak volumes about this generational talent we are being treated with here, then nothing else ever will.