Feelings – [Jay45]

The sample-drill movement heads across the Hudson River from NYC into Jersey City as Jay45 debuts in our pages today with his new video for his track “Feelings” that flips a classic 2010’s pop-hit into the raucous backdrop for Jay45 to skate over with his rabid flow and confrontational energy. His lyrics are motivational and menacing, equal parts ambitious and ambivalent, making it easy for his music to resonate with the youth in his community and beyond who are feeling energized and driven without healthy means to confront these feelings and instead lash-out against real or perceived obstacles. Jay45 has been one of the most notable rappers in Jersey City for years now, having made his name throughout a number of different music videos, giving his city something to be proud of and hold on to as Jersey City finishes its transition from being a gritty, industrial zone of tight-knit neighborhoods to a bona-fide major city with skyscrapers and gentrification to boot. I look froward to hearing more from Jay45 and if you liked this track I would also recommend checking out his song and video for “Peter Pan.”