feel away – [Slowthai] ft. [James Blake] & [Mount Kimbie]

Ever since Rap and Hip-Hop music came into existence, there has always been a wide range of personalities amongst artists. While some might be more introspective and lyrical, others can be straight-up zany and wild. Throughout the decades, though, I’m not sure there’s a single artist who is as wild or out of the box as Slowthai. He takes the definition of being a rapper and flips it on its head unlike anyone else ever has, and it’s because of his unbelievably creative mind that I have no choice but to tune into every single new offering he puts out.

Most recently, he is back with a fresh single called “feel away” as well as a unique and uncharacteristic music video, although I’m not surprised because all of his visuals are some of the most inventive videos in the entire industry. Not only am I excited for the song, but I’m even more anticipative because when I saw he tapped the legendary singer James Blake and the London-based electronic duo Mount Kimbie, I knew I was in for a treat. The instrumental is a bit calmer than what I’ve grown to expect out of the English emcee, utilizing a piano-driven melody coupled with some uncharacteristic percussion consisting of claps and glass-sounding clinks, ultimately leveled up by the smooth, pungent drums in the background.

Slowthai comes in pretty much as soon as the beat begins, boasting consistent bars that are a lot serener and less hasty than usual, but the emotion in his delivery is at the forefront more than anything else. Eventually, he even sings slightly, using a more melodious cadence that couples with the production seamlessly. James Blake comes in for the chorus, showing off his impeccable vocals that reminisce in your mind for long after the song comes to an end, elevating the passion behind the message in the song incredibly. After his hook, Thai comes back in for a few more bars as Blake’s falsetto voice shines in the background, bringing this single to new heights unlike ever before.

The visual is as atypical as ever, and although it might be extremely strange to some people, I can’t help but respect the sheer imagination and vision that went into bringing this story to life. As it opens up, Slowthai is sitting in a maternity ward as the first-person camera angle shows his significant other’s perspective on the situation. He’s eating cake before placing the plate on the seat next to him, taking his lady’s hand, and ultimately proposes to her in the lobby of this clinic. Although she is the one who is pregnant, she seems to insinuate that Thai should be the one carrying their child, and his stomach magically grows larger as he seems to somehow happily take on the childbearing duties.

They make their way into the room for an ultrasound, and the doctor seems to make eyes at Thai’s girl. The fetus shown on the screen seems to be mouthing the vocals as James Blake sings the hook while Thai’s girl reaches for the screen in disbelief for the child in her new fiancé’s stomach. Right away, Thai seems to go right into childbirth as the doctor also gets on one knee and proposes to the girl, breaking off their engagement then and there as she accepts his proposal instead of Thai’s. Everyone cheers except for Thai, who is clearly distraught, and the brand-new couple goes behind the curtains to immediately tie the knot.

Everyone celebrates as they make their way back into the birthing room where they cut Thai’s arm, which is now made of cake as if to recognize the internet craze of real-life-looking objects being made of the dessert. After the child is born, the nurse pulls a rope and everyone disappears except for the rapper, the woman who just seemed to get married, and their newborn baby. The first-person view shows someone going up to the baby, reaching for it, and crushing its head that is also made of cake, leading us out of this bizarre yet artistic visual.

Although Slowthai has never been one to stick to the norm and do what’s expected of him, this is the main reason why I’ve grown into such a fan of his work. Everything from his songs to his visuals is as artistic and unusual as they can be, and although I have no idea how he comes up with these concepts, I’m always one of the first to tune in because I know just how unbelievable they’re going to be. Certain aspects of the visual are almost cringy, especially the parts where people cut into his limbs and the baby is squashed, but once the cake is exposed and you realize it’s not what it seems to be, it elevates the offering to new levels. I’m not sure what the release of this new single means for the future or if we should expect new releases anytime soon, but I sure hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for more incredible work from the artist. “feel away” is the title of Slowthai’s brand-new song and music video, so if you’re familiar at all with his previous work, you know that this is an offering you can’t pass up.